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Previously: Reading is fundamental… (October 1, 2011)

@markparkinson Rep. Mark Parkinson

@MBersin Thanks for the mention! 6 hours ago

Shorter version: “I’m thinking.”

Then, approximately an hour later:

@markparkinson Rep. Mark Parkinson

@MBersin Since my last reading tweet was met with ridicule and scorn I have decided to have a good ole fashioned book burning the back yard! 5 hours ago

Missed it by that much.

@markparkinson Rep. Mark Parkinson

@MBersin please provide me a list of your “approved” reading material. I assume Marx, Lenin, & Stalin are all on the list. Correct? 5 hours ago

How can you be in two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all?

@markparkinson Rep. Mark Parkinson

@MBersin What about Mao & Polpot? Are these authors on your suggested reading list? 5 hours ago

To think everyone thought this sort of thing went out with Joe McCarthy and high button shoes.

According to John Adams and Alice Goodman, Henry Kissinger (r) assigned all four volumes [5:40] at Harvard.

And everything was going so well in Jefferson City.