President Obama is asking the Congress to do what they were hired to do (a novel concept.)  They should pass his American Jobs Act right away.  I know we can debate this forever and pick it apart, but let’s put some pressure on the Congress to stop stalling.  What the Republicans and their corporate masters are doing is trying to make the economy so bad that people will blame it all on President Obama.  Companies are sitting on mountains of cash, but they won’t start hiring until after November 2012.  As the President said last night, there are too many families that can’t wait another 14 months for help.   I’m sure you know people out of work just as I do.  All the food pantries in the St. Louis area are scraping bottom.

Call your Congressman/woman  and the two Missouri Senators.  Urge members of both parties to get busy helping the President with his plan.  If you feel as strongly as I do about what the Republicans are doing, tell them you’re ashamed of them for making families suffer while they play political games.  Give ’em hell, Harry.  We don’t have Harry Truman to give ’em hell, so we’ll have to do it ourselves.  Let’s burn up the Capitol switchboard.

Phone numbers. All these begin with area code (202)  All the House numbers begin with 225-

Akin 2561  Clay  2406  Carnahan  2671  Hartzler  2876  Graves  7041  Long 6536   Emerson  4404  Leutkemeyer 2956.

Senators:  McCaskill  (202) 224-6154    Blunt  (202)  224-5721.