Really. His name is Bill Randles. I can verify that he exists because the guy in a Todd Akin shirt at the Jackson County Republican booth at SantaCaliGon gave me a Bill Randles pamphlet. (Totally surprised me, I was just trying to get an Akim pamphlet for my own amusement. Obviously he knew that I did not know of Bill Randles and his deep desire to destroy public sector unions)

As you can see from this quick picture of the booth. There’s no mention of Peter Kinder at that booth and distribution of his opposition’s materials at the booth. Ouch. (And I think Jerry Nolte was there, at the risk of confusing a Republican with a mustache with Jerry Nolte. He’s kinda running for Congress, you might hear more from him next year if he doesn’t lose the primary or something hilarious)

So here’s some information about Bill Randles. Don’t worry, he doesn’t know who you are either.

But don’t worry, Democrats are represented at Santa-Cali-Gon (and our location isn’t within 100 feet of a carnival), you can get stuff from the United Eastern Democrats booth if you just happen to be on Lexington Street (South of the Courthouse) sometime tonight or tomorrow. Your car doesn’t have enough stickers on the back of it, you can fit 2 more on it. I promise.

Plus you can get funnel cake fries. Because fair food was just too healthy.