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Update: The AFL-CIO has pics of the rally up at Flickr.

What’s a Labor Day Parade posting without pictures, right? So I took 130 pics in St. Louis this morning. There was a glitch with the camera and I ended up with … zilch. From a parade that took two hours to pass by. This year is the 100th anniversary for the local Joint Council of Teamsters, so they led the parade. It took twenty minutes just for them to get by. I mean, do you have any idea how many employers use the Teamsters? There was a semi from Boeing, a Coca Cola delivery truck, another truck from Berkley Lumber, and a semi from Schnucks. Their horns blared sonorously. An open air trolley carried retired Teamsters. The sign on the side said “I worked with pride and retired with dignity.” There was one white and one red Cadillac convertible that each had to be twenty feet long. I can’t possibly remember how many different kinds of Teamster trucks I saw. But I had pictures!

I never saw so many orange t-shirts in one place. On the back, they said “WE ARE ONE”; there were thousands of them. And I had pictures. But now I’m reduced to borrowing off Flicker one lousy photo of a past Labor Day parade. Ain’t that a shame?

Labor Day Parade

There were small kids everywhere, including one asleep in a stroller with huge sunglasses on. Some marched with their parents. Others stood at the curb with plastic bags, and every once in awhile, someone in the parade would walk by throwing candy to them. They’d rush out and pick it up off the street. Trick or treat without the bother of knocking on doors.

People brought their dogs too. Lots of them were wearing union t-shirts or flags or … whatever. You can take your dog in the parade if he’s appropriately clad.  

Missouri Progressive Action Group t-shirt frontMissouri Progressive Action Group t-shirt back

As soon as people walked out of the parade, they strolled over to one of the small parks nearby where bbq was waiting for them. There was free food and drink everywhere. One of the parks had a symphony orchestra with two professional singers doing show tunes from “The Sound of Music”, “Fiddler on the Roof” and “West Side Story.” What beautiful voices that pair had. And at one point a marching band came by.

About 25 members of Missouri Progressive Action Group showed up wearing their MOPAG–union made–t-shirts. We walked with the Teamsters. I took lots of, well, you know. All gone. But this is what the t-shirts look like:

During the parade, people on the curb and those walking by smiled and waved and yelled “Happy Labor Day!” A friend of mine said she looked around and couldn’t believe that Republicans want to attack this. This movement is what made a middle class in America. The answer is simple, of course. They don’t want a middle class. They never did. If you’ve never seen the movie Matewan, you’ve missed the All-time. Best, Union. Movie. Ever. Made. Get it from Netflix.