I salute the president for our limited intervention in Libya.   The Libyan people asked for help.  We helped without any “boots on the ground.”   President Obama initiated talks with NATO to proceed against Gadaffi.  It was a NATO effort that worked.  We had no casualties and Libya is getting rid of Gadaffi.  Our President has won a military victory in Libya at a very low cost.   All of this “America takes over your nation crap” is not the way to go.  President Obama has demonstrated great leadership here as the Europeans have put their own skin in the game.  It’s a clear win!   This is the way things should be done.  Good job Mr. President.

Regrettably, no matter what President Obama accomplishes, the GOP will never give him any credit.  Republicans deserve “NONE” of the credit since they did nothing but criticize the President’s decision to help.  How the Republicans can deny it just reveals that they lack any degree of credibility. The Republicans denied President Obama’s role in Osama’s bin Laden’s death and they denied President Obama’s “3 shots 3 kills” contributed to the decline in Somali pirating. His foreign policy record is too good to be acknowledged.