Dave Catanese has the story:

David Humphreys, a southwest Missouri businessman and major GOP donor who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the party, is abandoning his support for Peter Kinder’s gubernatorial bid and calling on him to resign.

Humphreys tells POLITICO in an email that he has asked the lieutenant governor to forego a 2012 campaign, requested his donations be returned and warned he will support Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon if Kinder is the GOP nominee.

a) a resignation would make the whole candidate recruitment process for the Lt. Governor’s office a lot easier. But I’m guessing we’re about 2 to 5 revelations away from that.

b) In case you lost track, here’s the donations that Humphreys wants Kinder to return as soon as possible.

$25K – June 3rd, 2011

$100K – March 26th, 2011 (no word on if Ethelmae Humphreys wants a refund for her $100K check sent on that day)

$40K – June 21st, 2010

$50K – September 28th, 2009

And there’s also $380K donated by Humphreys family members between the passage of the “Brown Paper Bag of Money Campaign Finance law” in 2008 and the election.

Kinder’s campaign account has $1.6M cash on hand, so he would likely loose his pants if he refunds $215K to $595K to the Humphreys family. But what else is new.

Edit: Typo corrected, I blame it on Jay Nixon.