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Sarah Steelman, who is running against Todd Akin (R-2) to be the GOPer who opposes Claire McCaskill, is proposing that the “super-committee” appointees, who will determine just who budget austerity kicks the hardest, pledge not to take lobbyist money:

“Thousands of lobbyists are just waiting to cut their special deal to preserve their piece of the pie,” Steelman said. “The leaders of both parties should only appoint members who agree to this pledge prior to serving on the committee.”

“This is not the time for our representatives in Washington to crawl back into their smoke-filled rooms and cut deals that put powerful special interests ahead of the people,” Steelman said.

Of course, if you follow the implications of this statement, all congresspersons should refuse to take lobbyist money all the time. If it’s wrong in this case, it’s wrong whenever legislators are making decisions that affect our lives and well-being. But that would be campaign finance reform, and I bet Steelman isn’t willing to go there.

It’s also instructive to note that she’s only calling on Claire McCaskill to join her in this pledge; not a word about her primary opponent, Todd Akin, or GOP Senator Roy Blunt. Maybe she knows a lost cause when she sees it?

Slightly edited for clarity.