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Think Progress notes that Todd Akin (R-2), Sam Graves (R-6 ), and Jo Ann Emerson (R-8) voted to raise the debt ceiling in 2004 with nary a squawk about deficit spending. Think Progress‘ writers add that:

All of these Members of Congress can vote for a clean hike again and avert disaster – saving discussions about deficit reduction (and more importantly, jobs) for appropriations debates that take place once America’s financial future is safe.

If they could vote to raise the debt ceiling in 2004 when the national debt was at 7.4 trillion dollars, why can’t they do so now when the major reason that the debt has increased is the recession created by GOP economic policies between 2000 and 2008?   In regard to GOP hissy fits about spending in the Boehner plan, Steve Benen gets it just right:

What will go largely overlooked is that we already are trying things their [i.e., the GOP] way. Whether the GOP wants to admit it or not, the economy is advancing exactly as they want it to. The private sector is being left to its own devices; the public sector is shedding jobs quickly and scrapping investments; and the only permitted topic of conversation is about debt-reduction.

This is the script the GOP wrote. When it’s followed to the letter, Republican complaints are absurd.

Ask yourself, just why can’t these bozos let their deficit cutting stand on its own merits; why do they need to take the economy hostage to get their way if they really have a case? And why now are they trying to create even more chaos and uncertainty? Why are they willing to destroy the economic credibility of the United States? What has the GOP got against us – the American middle class – the folks their insane agenda is going to hurt the worst?