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Sen. Claire McCaskill (D): and you shall know her by her political enemies, part 2 (July 8, 2011)

McCaskill v. Rove: bet on Claire (July 19, 2011)

Patriot Majority USA PAC is running an independent answer to the republican right wingnut astroturf organization created ads in Missouri attacking Senator Claire McCaskill (D). The ad doesn’t mention Claire McCaskill or the 2012 senate race. It does talk about republicans and their plan to eliminate Medicare as we know it:

The transcript:

Announcer: Missourians know we need to cut spending. What’s the Republican plan?

Video excerpts: The Republican plan repeals Medicare.

They voted to kill it.

End Medicare as we know it.

Announcer: The Wall Street Journal says, their plan will essentially end Medicare.

Costing seniors six thousand a year and putting your health decisions into the hands of insurance companies.

Video excerpts: People who’ve worked their whole life. Now the Republicans are saying, no, no…

Announcer: No to Medicare, no to seniors. That’s the Republican plan.

Heh, republicans can’t help touching those third rails, can they?