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Jobs with Justice sent this via e-mail:

Jobs with Justice and many, many allies have been strongly urging Missouri’s Congressional delegation to protect Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security during the federal budget fight.

Success!  Senator Claire McCaskill came to a rally in support of Medicaid on Tuesday hosted by dozens of groups, including Missouri’s GRO-Grassroots Organizing and CCO-Communities Creating Opportunities.  

Sen. McCaskill spoke more passionately about protecting Medicaid than any of the other Senators who spoke. “The notion that cutting Medicaid will save tax dollars is mind boggling,” said Senator McCaskill. She added that her faith tells her that “we take care of people when they are sick.”

Sen. McCaskill is standing with her constituents and standing up for Medicaid-a critical health care program for millions of Missouri families and hundreds of Missouri health care institutions.  Please make sure to acknowledge Sen. McCaskill’s leadership by sending her a thank you email   http://www.mccaskill.senate.gov/?p=contact and posting thanks on Facebook!

Add your voice. Claire’s not a robot. She’s a human. And praise matters.