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The smack your forehead meter pegged at “permanent brain damage”:

Texas Town Dismisses Police Because Of Budget Crisis

Jun. 29 2011 – 6:59 pm

“…We had to do something drastic,” says Jerry Flowers, a city councilman in Alto, Texas. “The police department,” the curiously named Mr. Flowers goes on, “being a non-money-making entity, was the easiest to get rid of while we catch our breath and build up some cash….”

[emphasis added]

Because public services are supposed to be money making enterprises?

Nobody could have anticipated this, right?:

Published: 7:40 p.m. Thursday, June 30, 2011

Robbery tried in police-less town

Four people have been caught allegedly trying to rob a bank in an East Texas town where the police force recently was laid off to save money.

The Cherokee County sheriff’s office has handled law enforcement in Alto, located 130 miles southeast of Dallas, since the City Council furloughed the five-person police department in mid-June….

June 30, 2011

Alto bank robbers caught

….The time from the initial call to the Sheriff’s Department to the time of the arrest was about 30 minutes.

The incident is still under investigation by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department and the Rusk Police Department.

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and City of Rusk civilian employees helped recover the items thrown from the car during the pursuit….

Will the Rusk Police Department send a bill to the bank? Just asking.

If he runs for president do you think Texas Governor Rick “good hair” Perry’s (r) vision for America will sell? That’d be a really nice campaign slogan:

Pray for rain, more tax breaks for the really rich, and a police force in every other town.