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Yesterday, in Butler, Missouri (via Joe.My.God. and Think Progress):

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r): Okay, first of all, are you guys with the Democrats or the Republicans?

Question: So, the, the, uh, two thousand four amendment [crosstalk]…

Representative Hartzler (r): Am I gonna see you next year?

Question: Well, you will when you come to Columbia. [crosstalk]

Representative Hartzler (r): I know. I just wondered, are you friendly or are you not?

Question: Well. [second voice: “We’re friends [inaudible]…”]

Representative Hartzler (r): Oh, no. Okay. All right.

Question: The two thousand four amendment to ban same-sex marriage…

Representative Hartzler (r): Oh, I’m so, I can’t believe you asked me that. I just… [inaudible] [crosstalk]

Question: Well, it’s a a cause, it’s a cause of yours.

Representative Hartzler (r): So, so, sorry.

Question: So, that in, in combination with the statement [crosstalk] you made, uh, earlier this month where you said [inaudible] incest and bestiality. How do you think [crosstalk]…?

Third party: Are you, are you taking pictures, video?

Person on camera: Yeah, sure.

Third party: Okay.

Representative Hartzler (r): No, you misunder, that was a mis, a misunderstanding [crosstalk] of the quote.

Question: Okay, well [crosstalk] Okay. Amendment.

Representative Hartzler (r): Certainly on that, so. [crosstalk] That was really taken out of context.

Question: So, how do you think the, the amendment? [inaudible] How do you think that makes people, young people, like me, who are gay feel about ourselves, to come up in to a society that, to us seems like doesn’t value us in the same way straight people are valued?

Representative Hartzler (r): We’re not, we’re not the ones changing the policy. [inaudible] So you shouldn’t feel bad at all. In two thousand [crosstalk]…

Question: Why shouldn’t I feel bad if there’s an amendment, you champion [inaudible crosstalk] an amendment prohibiting me from…

Representative Hartzler (r): [inaudible] Right now it has been the law of the land for a long time that marriage is a [inaudible] commitment between a man and a woman. All we did in two thousand four is just put that in the Constitution. So we’re not changing policy at all. And, and anyway, so you shouldn’t feel bad, anyway. [crosstalk] It’s nice to meet you guys.

Question: So, you don’t think I should feel bad at all?

“…I know. I just wondered, are you friendly or are you not?…”

Interesting, not all town halls are going to be like the annual “clap louder” convocations of the Chamber of People’s Deputies. On occasion someone’s gonna slip in and ask a question.


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