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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) filed her 2010 Financial Disclosure Statement with the Clerk of the House in May. The report [pdf] became available online this week.

Hartzler Equipment Company in Lamar, Missouri.

That’s a nice building.

That’s a nice sign and logo.

From the statement:

No salary or sales commission as income? How do they make any money? Is it because of dubya’s recession? Just asking.

Ah, “dividends”. I wonder if the farm dividends includes anything from federal agriculture subsidies. Just asking.

Is that last item for an airplane?

Ah yes, the book.

There was this interesting exchange at a town hall in Blue Springs in April:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): town hall in Blue Springs, part 4 – Q and A

….Question: Thank you. Uh, my name’s [….], I live in Warrensburg so I’m one of your constituents.

Representative Hartzler:  Yes, I know you, [….].

Question: Yeah. Um, we’ve talked before. I like the title of plan, Path to Prosperity because when I look at it, and particularly with all the dramatic problem of debt, why is the plan to prosperity cutting important government programs, for example Pell Grants? We have a town in the Ozarks right now that gonna be drowning because we haven’t rebuilt their levies. Cutting things like that, while people in your income bracket are going to see again their taxes fall even more in this plan to prosperity. If, what you say is true, our debt is so terrible, why don’t we increase revenue a bit, particularly on people in your income bracket, because I’m going to assume that you, you made in the top two percent of all income earners in this country? You don’t?

Representative Hartzler:  I have no idea.

Voice: How do you know?

Question: Well, I mean, you, you, you’ve, you filed [crosstalk] reports between three, well, I mean, I’m answering how I know. You filed reports indicating you were somewhere between three to thirteen million dollars with the Congressional [inaudible], right?

Representative Hartzler:  No.

Question: You haven’t?

Representative Hartzler: No [inaudible]. Anyway. Let me answer your [crosstalk] question.

Question: But why don’t we increase revenue some? After all, if we use the household thing, if you [inaudible crosstalk] got a problem then somebody gets another job.

Representative Hartzler: Okay, [….]. All right. [scattered applause] Yeah. [inaudible crosstalk] Oh. My hu, let me get, if you want to get personal I’ll explain.  We have fifty employees. Now, we have a choice come tax day. My husband and I, do we send Washington, D.C. more money or do we go hire someone? You, some people don’t understand that people, business owners, uh, have a choice on tax day….

Nope, nothing about dividends in there.

Actually, your only choice on “tax day” is to pay the taxes you owe.