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Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel (D) announced today that he will be seeking reelection in 2012. The campaign press release:

Clint Zweifel for Treasurer

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June 14, 2011


Clint Zweifel announces he is running for re-election in 2012

State Treasurer says he is proud of his accomplishments

ST. LOUIS – State Treasurer Clint Zweifel…today announced he is running for re-election to a second term in 2012. He made the announcement via a video on his campaign website. He will kick off his campaign Wednesday, June 22 in Forest Park in St. Louis.


“It is an honor to serve Missourians each day as their State Treasurer, and today I am reapplying for the job. When I was elected, we faced tough economic challenges. I have been committed to meeting those challenges head on and getting results for taxpayers, and our state is beginning to move in the right direction,” Treasurer Zweifel said. “I am running for re-election because Missourians expect and deserve to have their savings and tax dollars protected, and I have done that by maintaining our AAA bond rating. Before I took over, red tape and high costs were in the way of getting loans out the door and helping parents save for college. My efforts have boosted low-interest loans through the Missouri Linked Deposit Program to impact 10,000 jobs and farms – a modern record, streamlined Unclaimed Property to return all-time highs and retooled our college savings plan to make it the fifth lowest cost plan in the country.”

Treasurer Zweifel has cut office spending every year, and has passed four significant pieces of legislation that are growing low-interest loan volume, increasing investment returns, streamlining college savings and protecting unclaimed military medals.

“My commitment to taxpayers is to get things done – not sit in Jefferson City and bicker over partisan politics. I work with Democrats and Republicans every day to find opportunities to move the state forward, and I will not be satisfied until every Missourian looking for work finds a job,” Treasurer Zweifel said. “Missourians can look at my office and see the impact I have made, whether it is low-interest loans, MOST-Missouri’s 529 College Savings Plan, Unclaimed Property or increased returns from our investment portfolio.

“If Missourians accept my application and re-elect me for another four years, I will remain committed to creating opportunities for citizens – making Missouri a better place to raise a family, go to work and get an education,” Treasurer Zweifel said. “In just two and a half years, I have made investments in every county in this state – investments that directly impact jobs and grow farms and businesses. I’m running for a second term to continue making innovative decisions that work for all Missourians – families, farmers and businesses.”

As State Treasurer, Zweifel manages a $3.6 billion investment portfolio, oversees $23 billion in annual state revenues and administers state banking services. He is responsible for returning $600 million in Unclaimed Property, managing a $720 million low-interest loan program and leading the state’s college savings plan.

In 2008, Treasurer Zweifel became the youngest State Treasurer in more than 100 years. Treasurer Zweifel and his wife, Janice, have been married for 14 years and are parents to two daughters, Selma and Ellie. Janice, a behavior analyst, works with children and adults with special needs. The Zweifel family lives in Columbia.


The announcement video:

The video transcript:

Announcer: As our State Treasurer Clint Zweifel has been saving Missourians money in really big ways. And in, well, some smaller ways, too.

From his first day on the job Clint has been focused on getting our economy moving. That’s why Clint streamlined and bolstered the Missouri Linked Deposit Program which has helped thousands of small businesses and farms grow and create jobs.

Clint is always on the lookout for creative ways to save taxpayers money. Thanks to Clint’s Invest in Missouri Plan Missouri is earning a fair interest rate our state deposits for the first time in more than fifty years and insuring more dollars are being invested right here in Missouri.

Every day Clint is using his office to save Missourians money.

To help families afford college for their kids Clint has made Missouri’s five twenty-nine college savings plan, called MOST, one of the top five plans in the country. More families are saving more money for college then ever with MOST.

To save Missouri families more money sometimes you just have to know where to look. Clint and his unclaimed property team are returning more money to more people quicker than ever before. Clint has returned tens of millions of dollars to over two hundred fifty thousand Missourians.

But Clint hasn’t stopped there. Under Clint’s leadership Missouri’s fiscal health is sound. We are only one of eight states in the nation to earn a triple A bond rating which means taxpayer dollars are able to stretch further. But stretching our dollars further isn’t all that Clint is focused on.

As our State Treasurer Clint has stayed above the fray, working with Democrats and Republicans to get things done and insure that Missouri is making promises we can keep.

Clint sure has been busy. But he believes that there is still so much more to do.

State Treasurer Clint Zweifel (D): Hi, I’m Clint Zweifel and it is an honor to serve as your State Treasurer. Things were tough when I took office, but we’re moving Missouri in the right direction. But there’s still a lot of work to do. That’s why I’m reapplying for the job as your State Treasurer. I’ve been a leader for fiscal responsibility and I’m getting more done with less. I’m really proud of my record of helping Missouri’s farms and small businesses. I’ve worked across party lines to produce real results. And we’ve invested in entrepreneurs and farmers all across Missouri.

I would be honored to have your support to serve four more years as your State Treasurer. And besides, it’s gonna take me a while to roll all these coins.

Real accomplishments and a sense of humor. What’s not to like?