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I was overjoyed to learn that Rep. Todd Akin has finally announced that he is running for Claire McCaskill’s senate seat.  As a resident of the 2nd congressional district,  I can now look forward to a time when Todd Akin will no longer be my representative in Washington – and, if we’re all really lucky, Claire McCaskill will kick his backside (or, maybe Sarah Steelman will do it in the primary) and Todd can go home and lick his wounds, out of sight and, blessedly, out of mind. Of course, I’m still not out of the woods. It seems like all the classic, GOP super-crazies are lining up to try to take over Akin’s old territory.  We’ve got Crazy Ed Martin, Crazy Jane Cunningham (probably) , and, as per her announcement today,  Ann Wagner, who is mostly remarkable because her sanity is not consistently questioned.

However, some comments Wagner made recently in an interview in the über-right West Newsmagazine* might suggest that she too is just a little out to lunch in that endearing GOP way. In what was possibly a bid to reassure West County conservatives that she represents continuity with the reality-challenged Akin, Wagner described her motivation for getting back into domestic politics. It seems that it all started during the four years that she spent in Luxembourg as the U.S. ambassador:

She returned to America at the end of Bush’s term and said she immediately got the sense that things in the country had changed with the election of President Obama.

“I was leaving one socialist continent and had the feeling that perhaps I was returning to another one,” Wagner said. “That worried me, so I jumped right back into politics.”

Aren’t we fortunate that we have Ann “Wonder-Woman” Wagner ready to go to battle with the evil socialists in Washington D.C. – just like all those rich socialists she saw in Luxembourg where people enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world? And she’s got her job cut out for her:

“Our country is near financial ruin,” Wagner said, “The federal government has put handcuffs on job creators and their policies are killing private sector jobs.”

I realize that that last bit is just regular old GOP boilerplate – I think they may be legally required to say that – but I do think, since she’s so worried about “financial ruin” in the U.S., that it’s too bad she couldn’t have made it home a little bit earlier and tackled the real architect of our financial woes. You know – George W. Bush, the guy who cut off vital revenue streams to give tax cuts to rich men, spent money like a drunken sailor on things like unnecessary and seemingly endless Middle Eastern Wars, while letting Wall Street drive the economy into the gutter.

*West Newsmagazine, May 11, 2011, pp. 40-41. The text of the interview does not seem to be available online.