What does Dana Loesch have in common with Jayson Blair, Janet Cooke and Mike Barnacle? As the St. Louis Activist Hub has demonstrated very clearly, she like Blair, Cooke and Barnacle has posed as a journalist while making up facts to suit her own ends.

The real question, though, is how Loesch differs from Blair, Barnacle and Cooke.  And it’s an easy question to answer – they all lost their jobs and reputations. So far as I know, Loesch is still on for her CNN gig and she’s still got her talk show, right? Of course there couldn’t  possibly be a downside for her job at Big Government where what Loesch does so well is clearly considered a feature, not a bug – although, on second thought, shouldn’t an association with a site which seems to have as its raison d’être the dishonest political smear perhaps tarnish her credibility elsewhere?  

Nobody has denounced Loesch in the local press, there’ve been no tears and recriminations about tilting the playing field for tea partiers (a la the affirmative brouhaha occasioned by Blair’s lapses). To the contrary, I expect that I’ll continue to see her self-promotion supported in the local press for some time to come.  

So how is Loesch really different from all the other lying journos we’ve learned about in the past? She’s a right winger who has had the great, good fortune to work after Fox News freed conservative would-be journalists like Loesch from the constrictions of truth, permitting them to play fast and loose with the facts to their hearts content. The new motto is “If  you’re on the right, you’re right, even if you’re straight-out lying.”

* Last sentence corrected for clarity.