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Good news.  A coalition of “diverse” groups is already formed and organized for the petition drive to fight back at a state legislature and governor that cavalierly overrules the vote of the people.  Prop B  is the fuel for this effort, but it’s about more than puppy mills. This legislature has been riding roughshod over not just the vote of the people but the citizens who come to testify at hearings as well.  Anyone who has sat in on one of the hearings this season will tell you how appallingly unprofessional and cartoonish the whole scene is.

I’ve already signed up to gather signatures.  I hope you do too.

We believe that rights of the voters and welfare of the dogs should not be compromised. A constitutional amendment is being put forward here in Missouri to protect the voters’ voice from being overturned by lawmakers and the governor in such a blatant way in the future. If you would like to help gather signatures for this constitutional amendment or help in other ways to ensure its success, please go to http://www.protectvoters.com.