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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r), eleven days ago, via Twitter:

@RepHartzler Rep. Vicky Hartzler

Just voted for the much needed, bold, smart Ryan budget which reins in govn. spending & gets our country back on the right track! 15 Apr

What an ad from Americans United for Change (AUFC) points about about the “much needed, bold, smart Ryan budget”:

Announcer: Paul Ryan looks like a nice young man, but on April 15th he voted to end Medicare and its guaranteed health benefits. Instead, he wants seniors to get coverage from private insurance companies. Under Ryan’s plan seniors’ costs will go up over six thousand dollars. Ryan wants to use that money to give millionaires a two hundred thousand dollar tax break. Ending Medicare so millionaires can get another tax break? Really? Call Congressman Ryan and ask, what were you thinking?

Representative Hartzler voted for the same thing on April 15th.

“…ask, what were you thinking?”

Uh, maybe, at least agriculture subsidies will be okay? That must qualify as getting “our country back on the right track!”

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