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Via ThinkProgress’s Wonk Room:

Fifty senators – 46 Republicans and four Democrats – recently voted to deny the science of global warming and permanently ban limits on the carbon pollution that threatens the health of children and seniors. Not surprisingly, the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity group lent its voice in support of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) dirty-energy amendment.

A ThinkProgress analysis finds that the senators voting for McConnell’s amendment raked in $1.8 million dollars from Koch Industries over the course of their careers. Not only did these senators ignore the will of 71 percent of voters who support the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to restrict emissions, but they put the 15 million people with asthma in their states at risk by voting to stop the EPA from limiting carbon pollution.

And guess which Missouri senator is prominent among those who make up what ThinkProgress calls the “Koch Head Caucus,” the “top ten recipients of Koch cash in the U.S. Senate”? If you guessed Senator Roy Blunt, you would be correct. Blunt has pulled in $96,700 in Koch subsidies – a sum that was evidently sufficient to tip the scales against the needs of the 511,717 Missourians who suffer from asthma. For some reason, Missouri voters saw fit to move Blunt from the House to the Senate, and now, apparently, it’s time for Daddy Blunt to resume doing business as usual in his new storefront.

Remember during the Senate campaign, when everything that might have disadvantaged Blunt’s corporate patrons was dubbed “job-killing” – no matter how tenuous the connection to jobs? I wonder how long we’ll have to wait to hear him express any concern about conditions that are potentially human-killing?