Okay, so it’s a given that of 435 members of the House of Representatives, roughly 400 of them have no idea what the district they will be running to represent in 2012 will look like. This has made for some tense relationships over on the east side of the state where the incredible shrinking city of St. Louis faces losing one of their three seats in Congress.

This is straining the relationship between Russ Carnahan and Lacy Clay, the area’s two Democratic congressmen, because the DCCC has designated Carnahan for extra help — and that extra help would come in the form of a primary against Clay.

That’s a lot of stress and dissention when Todd Akin is flirting with the notion of challenging Claire McCaskill for her Senate Seat. That’s how I interpret the first quarter fundraising numbers, anyway.

Sarah Steeleman — who I have never believed the Missouri GOP would ever let get anywhere near the nomination — had an utterly underwhelming quarter, bringing in only $186,000. Meanwhile, Todd Akin, who hasn’t declared for anything raised just shy of a half-million bucks.

I have no doubt that he is being urged by the higher-ups who operate behind the scenes to get in the race or else Steeleman might actually sneak in there and get the nomination, and that is the last thing the Missouri GOP wants.