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Duane Graham of the Erstwhile Conservative has a treat for fans of low-comedy – his must-read account of the annual Tea Party rally in Joplin yesterday. A choice nugget:

But the sparse crowd-maybe 150 folks-was nevertheless thrown lots of blood-red meat from the speakers, which besides the usual locals, included would-be senator Rep. Todd Akin, who has never met a Democrat who wasn’t also a socialist …

Tea Partiers are beginning to get a rep, I think, whether fairly or unfairly, that has something in common with that of rabid dogs. No wonder so many past attendees found something else to do yesterday. Somebody ought to warn Akin, though, just in case he’s really serious about running for Senate, that it’s still not really safe to abandon that bland front he puts up in order to cajole the more respectable Republicans into voting for him.

Graham really lets go and delivers a laugh riot when he gets to his real target – Billy Long.  Not that Graham needs to do much.  Long seems to be his own worst enemy. For instance, consider Long’s initial response to Graham’s question about why he voted to dismantle Medicare: “We have to do something.”  Perhaps, but if Long feels so impelled to senseless action, couldn’t he confine himself to his House floor rendition of the love call of a back-country auctioneer – which Graham says he replicated in Joplin as part of his good ol’ boy, “just-one-of-the-folks” schtick.

The best part, though, was when, according to Graham, the stunningly oblivious Long pointed out the Bozo figure on his truck’s dashboard, indicating that he uses it to remind himself that he truly is just one of the folks – who, by extension, he seems to consider bozos. Of course, he may just be referring to that cross-section of “we the people” who sent him to Washington.