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An article in The Hill today highlights the GOP’s intention to go after purple state Democrats – think Claire McCaskill here –  for voting against the GOP wish list resolutions that would have denied federal funding to Planned Parenthood and funds needed to implement the Affordable Care Act. According to GOP strategists, the case against McCaskill will be strengthened by the recent defection of Missouri’s Attorney General, Chris Koster, to the dark side:

McCaskill will come under criticism for voting to preserve funding for the implementation of healthcare reform after Chris Koster, Missouri’s Democratic attorney general, endorsed a multi-state lawsuit challenging the law. Koster filed a legal brief in federal court this week supporting a lawsuit in Florida challenging the constitutionality of the individual mandate.

So Koster’s little exercise in how not to waffle effectively may prove to be the gift that keeps on giving – to Republicans. It certainly seemed to please his erstwhile GOP colleague, Crazy Jane Cunningham, who expressed her gratitude in her usual overblown style:

I sincerely thank our attorney general for his step forward in defending citizens’ rights and freedoms and confronting federally mandated health care.

With Democrats like Koster, we don’t need Republicans to gum up the works.