The deal that President Obama and the congressional leadership struck in order to – finally – pass the 2011 budget, HR 1473, Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011, passed today on a vote of 260-167.  59 Republicans voted against it. 81 Democrats voted for it.

From the Missouri delegation, the only Republican to vote against it was Billy Long (R-7), the only Democrat to vote for it was Russ Carnahan (D-3). What this means is that Billy Long, died-in-the-wool Tea Partier, voted with Nancy Pelosi – and Carnahan and Todd Akin (R-2) were on the same side. Does this sun-coming-up-in-the-West type event lend itself to some great sound bites or not. Just saying …

David Weigel notes that there was a hold-the-nose factor on the Democratic side:

Rep. Brad Miller, D-NC, had voted for previous continuing resolutions. He voted against this one, as did Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. He did so, he said, expecting that the votes were there to pass the package. In the end a lot of Democrats waited until the bill was clearly en route to victory. ad [sic] they wanted to hold their powder, 42 more of them could have voted no.

Lots of Republicans probably weren’t too happy either given the talk about how it’s likely they didn’t actually achieve too much despite all their drama queen hysterics.