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Senator Claire McCaskill via Twitter on republican intransigence over the budget:

@clairecmc Claire McCaskill

Remember, the compromise on the table from Ds represents a larger cut than the one originally proposed by Rep Ryan and Speaker Boehner. 5 Apr

Because they know our lazy old media will let them get away with it. They just have to go on the Today Show and blather on at one of the talking heads.

@clairecmc Claire McCaskill

Hard to understand why Rs insisting on cuts to education and refusing to consider the cuts that Gates has already identified in Pentagon. 6 Apr

It’s in their nature.

@clairecmc Claire McCaskill

Today it is becoming clear that for House Rs, this is NOT about spending cuts, but about divisive ideological fights over social issues.

7 Apr

Shouldn’t be surprised by that.

@clairecmc Claire McCaskill

Huge economic consequences to shut down. What happened to jobs,jobs,jobs? We can agree on $$cuts and they move goal post on social issues.

22 hours ago

Jobs? Seriously? With republicans?

@clairecmc Claire McCaskill

Economic losses not all about govt employees,but tax refunds not sent,home loans not closed,small business loans stopped,construction halted 22 hours ago

They really don’t care who they hurt, they just want people to blame Democrats.

@clairecmc Claire McCaskill

Senate Democrats say real budget cuts, not a shutdown. But GOP says loud & clear: shut it down: bit.ly/gGBPcI 19 hours ago

Because the republicans think people are too stupid to see what they’re really doing.

@clairecmc Claire McCaskill

Since 1976 NO federal dollars can be used for abortion.They want to shut down govt over cancer screenings & family planning services. 3 hours ago

ACORN. NPR. The big lie keeps working for them and Democrats let the republican Mighty Wurlitzer get away with it.

@clairecmc Claire McCaskill

Goal for today, doing everything possible to get clean resolution to pay our troops & not pay us,no legislating social policy thrown in. 3 hours ago

Don’t hold your breath. Just like Lucy, the republicans will pull the football away every time.