Lost in all the folderol about the looming federal shutdown, our intrepid Missouri Republicans are busy at work attacking unionized employees. From the summary:

SS/SB 202 – Upon voter approval, this act bars public employee labor unions from withholding fees from employee paychecks. The act requires the employee’s consent for public employee labor unions to use fees and dues for political purposes.

The employee must authorize the amount to be used for political contributions. The employee may also stipulate to which committee their fees will be paid. Authorizing or refraining from authorizing any amount shall in no way affect employment.

The labor union must keep records of all authorizations and submit them to the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission.

So basically, if the Republican-led Missouri Senate has their way, public workers (teachers, nurses, and so on) could not automatically pay their dues through their paycheck, and would have to fill out a form to specify to the union whichever candidates they wished a portion of their dues to be donated to.

I wonder if Sen. Crowell, who notoriously hates unions, will sponsor another bill that has the exact same restrictions on corporate contributions, where any corporate employees will be able to designate where the corporate PAC contributions can go, if anywhere.

After all, corporations can contribute to candidate committees in Missouri, using money that might otherwise go to worker pay and benefits, and employees have no say over which candidates get that PAC money. An enterprising Missouri Democrat should take up the cause.