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24th State is making fun of the film I put up of Jake Zimmerman speaking Monday afternoon at the union rally at the CWA hall. And what Naevius contends is, well, it’s so contradictory and juvenile that it’s almost cute.

In a last minute effort to get the unions to pour money and effort into his election bid, Jake Zimmerman goes nuts screaming about Scott Walker and the Wisconsin unions.

He makes Jake sound pretty desperate, doesn’t he?–right before admitting that Jake’s going to win the race.

Zimmerman, with the help of hundreds of thousands of dollars, is a heavy favorite to win today.  In this clip, he exposes himself as the far left paid for union lawyer he always was.

Aside from the fact that the writer can’t decide whether Jake is a desperate beggar or a shoo in, he also assumes Jake is crooked. His rationale for that accusation is that Jake associates with, gasp, unions. Wait now. The right wingers on SCOTUS made it possible with the Citizens United decision for corporations to inundate elections with their money. But if and when any left wing guy actually gets ahead in the money race, rare though that may be, that makes him bought-and-paid-for. Because union money stinks.


I rarely read right wingers. They’re too fact-challenged and juvenile. And this posting at 24th State is one more reminder of that truth.