I worked the election yesterday and was sadly disappointed in the turn-out.  We were busy enough with 1 or 2 voters coming in and the occasional 5 but no where near the numbers that should be coming out.

We had a photographer visit out polling place


As we told him and he say we were busy but not slammed.  In fact, at the end of the day we weer under 20%!  I went to vote during lunch time (near 1PM) and at my polling place was #26!  

People complain that West County and the suburbs are red.  Where were they today?  I bet the average age of the people that showed to vote was almost 50.  

What does it take to motivate people to do what they are expect, as citizens, to do?  Do these folks not see the rest of the world where people DIE and get tortured in order to get the right to vote?

Yes, it may have been a smallish election but those local positions often lead to bigger ones.  A butterfly flaps its wings…

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