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I’m not as ready as Willy to throw in the towel on Prop B, but her analysis of what’s going on is probably more accurate than mine.  I had all but given up too, but a friend of mine who rescues dogs called me the other night and gently pushed me back into the ring.

One thing that convinced me that there is hope is that some state reps have been convinced to change their votes for repeal simply by pointing out to them that their districts approved Prop B in November.  She told me that Sally Faith of St. Charles and Chuck Gatschenberger of Lake Saint Louis have both agreed to vote against SB113 after it became public that they had accepted campaign contributions from Smithfield Farms.  Evidently, Sally Faith admitted that she hadn’t read the bill and had taken the word of a colleague she trusted.  Oh, sure.

If all 88 of the state reps whose districts voted YES on Prop B in November vote against repeal, that will be a majority and enough to kill the bill.  So it’s up to us to hound those state reps in the districts that passed Prop B to do the right thing – or else.

Through MEC reports I found out that my state rep, Paul Curtman of the 105th accepted a $500 contribution from Jason Smith, the rep whose mother owns one of the “dirty dozen” puppy mills.

Check out the list here.

That same Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation website has tons of good info, including a comparison of Prop B and SB 113 and a list of the voting percentage totals by district.  Check out yours.  If your House district passed Prop B, make sure your rep is voting against repeal. If your district did not pass Prop B, ask your rep to do the right thing for the dogs.  If breeders can’t make a profit by taking good care of their animals, they should close up shop and let someone do it who can.  Check out the BBB reports and all the complaints from customers who bought puppies they thought were healthy.

And click here to see Sen. Parson, sponsor of the bill, lying his head off to an audience where he obviously feels comfortable making up nonsense.

 If you have the stomach for it here are some photos from actual puppy mills.  Friends of mine who have rescued puppies from these dungeons of death tell me they can smell the diseased dogs before they even pull into the driveway.

I’m not ready to give up on this yet.  I hope you’ll get as angry as I am and motivated to do everything you can to protect these animals.