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L. K. Wood, Jake’s opponent for St. Louis County Assessor, has failed, if you can believe it, to pay his property taxes.

Who needs Seinfeld reruns when real life offers comedy like that?

The St. Louis City Collector of Revenue confirms that L.K. “Chip” Wood owes $12,458.56 for two years of unpaid property tax, penalties and interest – on the L.K. Wood real estate office at 5600 Hampton Avenue. “I guess the company didn’t have the money to make the payments,” Wood said Tuesday. “I apologize. It’s an oversight. I didn’t know where we stood with that until you just called me.”

The original sin  was bad enough, but on top of that, his excuses contradict each other. Which is it? ‘I couldn’t afford it’ or ‘I didn’t know I owed it’? Geez, Louise, what a mess of a response. Aside from the fact that voters don’t want anybody that inept or unethical in charge of the office, let’s hope they also don’t want anybody stupid enough to offer that so called “explanation.”

If you don’t fancy letting Chip Wood botch your property assessment, get to the polls a week from Tuesday and vote for Jake Zimmerman.