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St. Louis Activist Hub has a fine posting up that summarizes how local Tea Party activist John Burns has regularly collaborated with James O’Keefe in smearing their political opponents. These two and the crew they work with have no conscience … and one wonders about the issue of a soul, as well.

Just to give you the flavor of their dishonesty:

I wrote back in November about an innocent victim of a Breitbart/O’Keefe smear campaign. Loesch and others had claimed that the video showed that New Jersey teachers union members called students “the n-word” and focused their attacks on a teacher named Alissa Ploshnick. Actually Ploshnick did not call a student “the n-word:” rather, she described that another teacher had done so while telling a story about how difficult it was for teachers to be fired. Nevertheless, she was initially suspended from her job after O’Keefe’s smear video came out. It turned out that Ploshnick was a heroic teacher who had previously thrown herself in front of a van to protect her students.

Ploshnick, at the time, commented on the deceitful manner in which O’Keefe’s collaborators operated:

“I felt like I was raped,” says Ploshnick referring to the moment she learned that what she thought was a private, even flirtatious, talk with a “nice” young man who bought her drinks was really part of a political scam to discredit her union in an web videotape called “Teachers Gone Wild.”

“Give me a smile and say hello and I’ll do anything for you,” says Ploshnick. “I’ve always done it. It’s hard to reteach your heart and your brain.”

Turns out that Adam at the Activist Hub recognized Burns in the video about Ploshnick and contacted the New Jersey Educational Association to identify him as one of the culprits.

Adam is well aware what Burns, Loesch, and some of the other local TPs are capable of. He shines a spotlight on their dirty secrets regularly. So he posted the piece to warn mainstream media in St. Louis that they should be very cautious about snapping at the bait of misleadingly edited videos.