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Plenty of local leftwing activists have been fuming about the Post-Dispatch not covering the union rally last Friday, and plenty of them wrote the P-D to complain. Those of us who did got this reply from editor Christopher Ave:

We had a reporter at the rally, but he was called away to help cover local reactions to the tsunami.

The Riverfront Times has picked up the story, linking to our site and to St. Louis Activist Hub. I especially appreciated RFT’s response to Ave’s form letter:

Pardon me, but who gives a rat’s ass what Joe Hoosier in south city thinks about the tragedy in Japan?

Apparently the Post still doesn’t get it. We feel as if it will cover Tea Partiers if they drop an extra lump of sugar in their drinks. But cover people fighting to preserve a middle class? How boring.

Activist Hub deconstructs Ave’s lame excuse and illustrates the disparity in the Post’s coverage of us and the TP:

Furthermore, compare this non-coverage to the fact that the Post-Dispatch bends over backwards to write a 600 word article about a tea party rally with 1/8 as many people last April. Would they even dream of ignoring a 1,000 person rally from the tea party, let alone a 4,000 person rally, in St. Louis? Of course not.