We all know that the Post-Dispatch totally ignored a major rally in downtown St. Louis for workers’ rights. We’ve now heard that the Post-Dispatch found it too hard to find a reporter on a Friday afternoon to cover the rally, or even on Saturday or Sunday to find a reporter to follow up with attendees.

Thanks for taking the time to email. I’m sorry that we failed to cover Friday’s rally. As you know, Friday was a very busy news day with two local court sentencings and the tragedy in Japan. We had a reporter at the rally, but he was called away to help cover local reactions to the tsunami. Our photographers were engaged covering the court developments that unfortunately were scheduled at the same time.

Again, thanks for expressing your views. While we don’t cover every rally, this is one we should have covered. I’m sorry that we let you down in this case.


Christopher Ave

Political Editor

St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Given that the P-D has given lots of space to Tea Party coverage in the past, including April last year, I guess what Christopher Ave is telling us is that it’s hard to cover local rallies and that there will literally have to be no current news in the city (not even a two month old story about Roy Blunt’s dog!) to ever cover the Tea Party rallies again, ever.