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Via TPM, in a fund-raising letter Senator Claire “Deficit Scourge” McCaskill pledges not to cut Social Security benefits:

I don’t think anyone is going to propose cutting Social Security benefits — if they do, I’ll vote against those cuts,” she writes.

Of course, the proof is always in the pudding and what people mean by “cuts” varies. Lots of politicians, for instance, don’t seem to realize that raising the age for social security eligibility is in effect a benefit cut.  Nevertheless, this is heartening, and I agree with TPM’s Brian Buetler that, given McCaskill’s weak position, “this suggests the poltiifcs [sic] of Social Security is still on the side of those who don’t want to see benefit cuts.”

McCaskill also deserves kudos for targeting her deficit cutting zeal toward some areas that really are wasteful and unnecessary. In that regard, she sets herself apart from our House GOP delegation which unanimously voted this week to preserve huge taxpayer subsidies for the oil industry. She says very succinctly:

One of the first items on the chopping block should be subsidies for big oil corporations which are among the richest and most profitable companies in the world.

To which I say … Amen lady!

Read the entire letter here. Lots of good-sounding stuff, but I’ve been misled by McCaskill in the past when she’s wanted money, so I’m still waiting to see what she delivers.