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“What would you do with a brain if you had one?”

If you haven’t heard it already go listen to the audio of the phone conversation between anti-worker Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (r) and who he thinks to be a right wingnut billionaire supporter.

Athenae at First Draft:

….It’s not that what he said was all that new, given what anyone with a pair of eyes can see, it’s that at no point during this call, during all these monstrous things, did Walker even THINK this might be a prank. At no point did he say, wait a minute, this person is rather a douche, and excuse me but who are you? No, he giggled along with casual discussions of smashing the entire state’s underpinnings like he talks to people like this a thousand times a day.

A lot of his defenders spent the day pointing out that most of Walker’s comments aren’t anything new, and that the blogger actually comes off far worse for saying all those horrible things, and that’s the entire goddamn point. Walker is someone who is totally used to being around people who say shit like that, so used to it he didn’t even question whether the call was real. That’s the real news here: That this guy is even more of an asshole than everybody who already hates him thought he was.


Oh, hell, we’ll save you the click through. Here are the audio recordings of the phone call:

Stoopid is as stoopid does.


Dennis G. at Balloon Juice:

….The call was funny and useful in the way it exposed Walker, but the fact that the call even got through says even more. The prankster got a hearing by claiming to be David Koch, but he proved himself to be the real deal through his racism, his meanness and just being a dick. That got him connected to Walker without any further review. In some way it is a bit comforting to know that Team Walker is staffed by idiots. But only a bit comforting as George W. Bush has recently proven that a team of idiots can do real and lasting damage as they play out their fantasies in the real world….