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One of the fascinating paradoxes of the wingoverse is that the law and order, grant no quarter crowd shifts so seamlessly into victimhood when it suits them. “Woe is me. Woe is me,” cries Henny Penny, alias Chicken Little, otherwise known as Phyllis Schlafly.

Coverage of the Ed Martin event has been thorough on the Missouri progressive blogosphere. St. Louis Activist Hub, in fact, has three postings:

FiredUp! has one: This Is What a Better Informed and Better Organized Movement Looks Like.

Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice has a posting on its Facebook Page: Women’s Voices Members speak out at Health Care Forum

All that is in addition to my first piece, In which I explain who showed up for Ed Martin’s dance. And then there’s my first video of Schlafly: MS. Schlafly take on “Obamacare”.