Many commentators have noticed the prevalence of what Ruy Teixeira describes as male anxiety among the GOP. We are all familiar with its most common manifestations. Just think of silver-spoon fed Yalie G.B. Bush who felt he had to play cowboy in order to fit in with the chest-puffing, macho posturing and other types of poop-flinging that characterize the tribe.  

Which brings me to the problem that has been worrying me. Republicans like Luetkemeyer are hell-bent on make sure that our government disregards actual science that indicates we are on a dangerous trajectory – one that could be just as disastrous for Rep. Luetkemeyer’s grandchildren as for mine. Nevertheless, he pushes demonstrably false denialist claims without a qualm.

The same folks are touting massive spending cuts at a time of recession. We have past evidence that spending cuts will make the situation worse. We also have current examples that slashing spending is the wrong thing to do. As Steve Benen noted today, the economies of Great Britain, Germany and Ireland, all of whom went the way of austerity and spending cuts – and were praised by U.S. GOPers for doing so – have not only continued to decline, but are now declining at an increased rate. All of which suggests that it might be better to attend to the recession and deal with the deficit until later – bearing in mind which will improve by itself when the economy picks up.

Yet, the same GOP that is willing to see-no, hear-no climate change science,