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This had to have been staged by The Onion.

Karma is a bitch (via Political Carnival and TPM) when others are relentlessly on message:

“Reporter”: Well, you know, you say they’re in hiding. They’re not really in hiding. We kind of know where they are.

[voices: “Fox Lies. Fox Lies.”]

They’re in Illinois for most, the most part. They are just, at this point, wanting to make sure that this bill does not come to the floor in the Senate. However, in the House we have learned that in five minutes.

[voices: “Fox Lies. Fox Lies.”]

This is Fox business network. Just FYI.

In five, at five o’clock the bill will come to the floor in the House.

[voices: “Fox Lies. Fox Lies.”]

[sign: “Fox go report on sports/That’s the only thing you can’t twist”]

That means that they potentially could consider the bill, uh, but, what we believe the Democratic legislators in the House to do, is to, when it comes to the floor, amend the bill on multiple occasions such that they would head off a, a vote.

[voices: “Fox Lies. Fox Lies.”]

I want to show you, they got, uh, balloons headed up here in to the beautiful capitol rotunda as this protest shows no signs of abating.

[voices: “Fox Lies. Fox Lies.”]

Everyone making their viewpoints known. It’s always a fun time as democracy plays it’s way out.

[sign: “Fox Fascist/good for sports ONLY”]

“Anchor”: Well I tell you Jeff, those, uh, folks protesting Fox, uh, I’m wondering if they would prefer a state run television network providing all the coverage.  

[voice: “Fox Lies. Fox Lies.”]

“Reporter”: You know, I will say this, to be very honest with you, most of the protesters despite this gentleman here.

[voice: “Fox Lies. Fox Lies.”]

Most of the people have been fairly reasoned, calm, and willing to talk because, as you know, we have done our best to get everybody a voice here. Despite this guy. [voice: “Fox Lies. Fox Lies.”]. Do you have an opinion other than that? [voice: “Fox Lies. Fox Lies.”] Any [garble] answer? [voice: “Fox Lies. Fox Lies.”] No, that’s the only words you know. Very good. That’s the only two words he apparently knows.

“Anchor”: Jeff, one more thing, Jeff…

[voice: “Fox Lies. Fox Lies.”]

“Reporter”: Despite the rare person most of these people are here to make their viewpoint known about this bill, which of course, is the story that everyone here is about. [crosstalk]

[voice: “Fox Lies. You’re lying. You lied again. You lied again.”]

“Anchor”: Jeff.

“Reporter”: So, there you go.

“Anchor”: Thank you, sir, I appreciate it. [crosstalk]

“Reporter”: Despite, as I said, guys like this are few and far between [voice: “You work for Fox.”], fortunately, in the crowd.

“…This is Fox business network. Just FYI…”

Then why are you there and not covering the stock market? Just asking.

“…Well I tell you Jeff, those, uh, folks protesting Fox, uh, I’m wondering if they would prefer a state run television network providing all the coverage…”

Or, how about a publicly supported public broadcasting corporation that would have, you know, a well deserved reputation for doing actual accurate independent journalism? As opposed to the house organ for the right wingnut republican party…