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According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, State Auditor Tom Schweich has announced that he will go where the action is, no “boring reports” for him:

Schweich said he will designate a “rapid response team” to jump in immediately when credible, serious allegations surface about waste or corruption. As an example, he cited the possibility of a state employee doing political work on state time.

First question:  Does this mean that he’ll be auditing the office of Lt. Governor Peter Kinder? From what I’ve been reading over at FiredUP! there’s serious reason to believe that the underemployed Kinder may have taken advantage of the resources of his office to further his political career. (See also here and here.)

Second question:  Since Schweich doesn’t seem to be able to perform an auditor’s functions when it comes to the unFair Tax proposal pushed by Rex Sinquefield, a big-time purchaser of state political products, will his office even be able to summon sufficient auditing skill do the job when it comes to possible miscreants like Kinder?

Or was Schweich’s hesitation apropos the unFair Tax simply a result of his sense of obligation to follow through on the promise his erstwhile campaign supporter and fellow GOPer, Peter Kinder, made on Schweich’s behalf that, if elected, Schweich would focus his auditing efforts on “the other side”?