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It’s bad enough that mainstream media repeat answers from the right and the left in he said/she said fashion as if all responses were equally credible. But when the Post-Dispatch publishes a front page McClatchy article that repeats a Republican lie as if it were incontrovertible fact, I grind my teeth. So I wrote them:

I don’t know which is more culpable: a newspaper founded by Joseph Pulitzer for printing an article which falsely claims that Social Security is “driving the national debt skyward” or McClatchy newspapers, which circulates throughout the entire nation, for saying so. That claim, made in “Blueprint targets deficit, spending” (Feb. 14) is ridiculous on its face. First, Social Security takes no government funds. None. So how could it drive the debt up? It’s totally funded by its participants, which makes it an insurance program. How dare McClatchy and the Post  besmirch the reputation of the most beloved and important social program this nation has ever seen! Republicans have been spreading this calumny, and the Post should be ashamed for printing it.

Furthermore, Social Security is so fundamentally strong that it is fully funded at least through 2039, and any problems that might arise at that point could be easily fixed simply by raising the cap on Social Security taxes. Meantime, it is so healthy that its extra funds must be invested; therefore, Social Security has been buying T-Bonds. The truth, then, is that our government has been relying on Social Security to buys its bonds. It has not been propping up a program that contributes to the deficit. So Social Security has been supporting the government, all the while maintaining its own fiscal integrity.

If you got yourself into hock and borrowed a thousand bucks from a friend, would you blame your friend for your debt?

The editorial staff at the P-D is sharp. I get valuable information and well substantiated opinion from them regularly. But you know what I want to see the op-ed staff do? Write an editorial taking the paper’s own front page coverage to task when it offers lies to the reading public.