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The Labadie Environmental Organization has been fighting Ameren’s plan to put a coal ash dump in the Missouri River floodplain (say what?!) above the drinking water supply for much of St. Louis–the most ill conceived location imaginable. Now it’s crunch time. Here’s LEO’s latest e-mail:


Commissioner Griesheimer says this is the final hearing.  The road to this last landfill zoning hearing has been a long and winding one.  With 3 hearings down, 4 hearings postponed and one to go, let’s hope this last one goes off without a hitch from Mother Nature.  Who knows what “hitches” might be in store at the hearing.  There have been plenty in the past.  

The goal when LEO formed 18 months ago was simple but concerned a complex subject:  educate the public and the people making the zoning decision about the hazards of landfills and the hazardous nature of coal ash.  Landfills don’t belong in a floodplain.

From the beginning, our efforts have been met with resistance from the very people who should be advocating for our interests.  LEO has been labeled “opponent” but “advocate” is the right term.  We’ve been called “contentious” for being “tenacious” and not giving up when the goal was to wear out the public.

Thank you for being a tenacious advocate.  Keep up the good work!   Load up the car with friends and neighbors and come to Union on Tuesday.  An auditorium full of advocates would send a powerful message.  Details:

Tuesday, Feb 8th, 6 pm

East Central College

1964 Prairie Dell Rd.

Union MO 63084

Classroom Bldg-AC, Auditorium

If you absolutely, positively cannot attend, please email your comments to

commission@franklinmo.net and send a copy to contact@leomo.info (optional).

or mail your comments to:

Franklin County Commission

400 E. Locust, Room 206

Union, Mo. 63084

Check the website for the latest “in the news” and blogposts.