The mainstream media is so deep down the false equivalency rabbit hole that they need to be yanked back to “start.” Do not pass go, do not collect a contract for two million dollars.

This morning’s Weekend Edition Sunday was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Julie Ravner turned in an early favorite for a 2011 P.U.Litzer when she plumbed new depths of appeasement journalism this morning. In three and a half minutes, she not only managed to murmur approvingly about Eric Cantor dialing back the rhetoric and setting an example (presumably for those feckless, Big-Ole-Meanie Democrats) and then concern troll about whether the Democrats will reciprocate.

As if Alan Grayson ranting that the republican healthcare plan was for you to “die quickly” should you get sick is the same thing as the now-Speaker of the House saying that a Democratic colleague in the next district “might be a dead man,” and then the Representative started getting death threats.

We remember that teachers were kicked out of Bush rallies and threatened with charges of obscenity for wearing t-shirts that read simply Protect Our Civil Liberties.

We remember the press getting verklempt when random protesters showed up at at anti-war marches with placards that depicted Bush as der Chimpenfuhrer.

Then a man named William Kostric showed up at a presidential town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with a gun strapped to his thigh. He stood on church property near the high school where the meeting was taking place, holding a hand-made sign that paraphrased Thomas Jefferson’s now-infamous quote about watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

A few days later, when the President held another town hall in Phoenix, about a dozen protesters with weapons showed up. One of them had an assault rifle slung over his shoulder.

And the feckless, worthless, pathetic media bent themselves into Mobius Strips trying to equate the two extremes, even though they are practically polar opposites in manner of degree, and are nowhere close to “equal.” Neither is a random blogger at Kos who uses bullseyes over districts in a post that rants for primary challengers for Blue Dogs — one of whom was Gabrielle Giffords — is not the same thing as a major parties vice presidential candidate placing rifle scopes over many of those same districts. Especially when the Kos blogger’s imagery ends with the admittedly-poor choice of marker, and Sister Sarah’s scope sites were not the end, they were the beginning. “We have prescribed the solution?” “Don’t retreat, RELOAD?”

Not the same thing. Not even close.

And the mainstream media needs to learn the damned difference.

I propose they spend the next week going back to pre-school.

They can get started right here, right now: