Josh Marshall is reporting the following on his front page:

One of the five planks of new House Speaker Steve Tilley’s Show Me Solutions initiative is to stop the state from administering driver’s tests in any language other than English.

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Marshall notes that there may be more than safety involved in this legislation.  He has the following quote from John Cauthon (R-Mexico):

The average guy on the street hates Spanish, and it is everywhere. To the average guy, that is important. We are almost to the point of losing our identity as a nation.

Well, he does represent Mexico, so we should not be surprised that the “average guys” he knows hate Spanish.

I would sure hope that all of our legislators who are so concerned about people driving who don’t know English promise NEVER to drive in a country whose language they don’t know.  So, I’m sure those who support this bill have never driven and never will drive in France or Spain or Germany or the Netherlands or Belgium or French-speaking parts of Canada unless they know the language.

This is only the beginning of the lunacy that we will be shown this year in the Show Me state.