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Reading through the latest “After 8 years, we’re finally moving forward on this idea to help you out” proposal about drivers tests in Missouri and there are some quotes that stick out.

“If you are on the roads and you can’t read the signs, it is a public safety issue, period,”

Examples of the drastic difference between road signs in Mexico and Missouri:

The far-left Missouri Highway Patrol weighed in there:

With road sign colors and symbols based on an international standard, Hull said, the patrol sees no safety issues for drivers who are not well-versed in English.

Dude, that curve is not exactly the same, I barely figured it out (sarcasm off)

And every rose has a thorn, and every Republican party has a Cauthorn:

“The average guy on the street hates Spanish, and it is everywhere”

Ok, so if the Spanish is everywhere, the average guy is either not a Spanish speaker, or self-hating. Which should tell you what John Caut– I mean the average guy really thinks about Mexicans. If I knew enough Spanish to make John Cauthorn jokes, I would. But i’ll stick to English, because that’s the way the Republican General Assembly wants us to speak.

The odds of the Republican General Assembly doing a lot for ESL education this session? No bueno, mi amigos

Good thing unemployment isn’t a problem in Missouri or anything.