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Bank of America foreclosing unjustly on Mike and Mary Boehm

KMOV-TV had a fine piece on the Tuesday evening 5:00 news about a Troy woman who is suing Bank of America for its pattern of failing to grant qualified recipients modified mortgages and charging them fees while it keeps them hanging. The woman hopes to make it a class action suit. So KMOV sent a reporter, Marc Cox, to interview in her kitchen someone who might be interested in joining that lawsuit, Mary Boehm. Cox let Boehm talk about the pattern of deception she and her husband are all too familiar with. Then he pointedly mentioned that the bank refused even a phone interview, adding that  one of its suits [my terminology, not his] gave some lame excuse about its treatment of the Boehms by saying ‘we’re going to make a ruling on that case sometime fairly soon.’ Cox observed that they’ve had 423 days to make a decision that should have taken only 45 days.

Correction: I was working from memory of the broadcast when I reported that Cox said the bank would rule on the case soon. Now that the video is up at KMOV, I see that the bank spokeshole sent Cox an e-mail, not commenting at all on the federal lawsuit and saying that the Boehms–after being in limbo for 13 months–still may not qualify for a modification. Cox points out that the bank gives no explanation why that would be the case.