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Two little tidbits from my morning’s reading that strike me as a kind of commentary on the state of much of Missouri’s political elite:

The deluded:  Phyllis Schlafly is worried that cap-and-trade may not be dead enough to suit wingnutlandians given the statutory obligation of the EPA to enforce the Clean Air Act. She bases her fears on the insights of Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe whom – get this – she considers to be “the Senate’s environmentalism expert.” Let’s see  … isn’t Jim “global-warming-is-a-hoax” Inhofe the guy who tried to debunk the “hockey stick” model of global warming in a Senate speech by citing research that actually supported it? Hard to believe that there are any people in this state who take Schlafly seriously.

The doofus: “Just call me Billy” Long (R-7 elect) who ran on a “fed up” platform pledging to “make a difference,” has found a way to do just that: Long, who seems to have a cowboy hat glued to his head, wants Speaker John Boehner to relax the House rules about wearing hats on the floor. And guess what? It’s a bipartisan effort since he and Florida’s Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson have banded together as the sole members of the “cowboy hat caucus.” I guess he could be up to much worse – and he probably will be soon enough.