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On Saturday, a group of us met in Clayton to discuss ways to get the attention of state Democratic Party leaders in order to make them fix the problems in the party infrastructure.  We concluded that we need a paid, dedicated state party director, a talented communications director who will proactively get the message out that we are the better choice if voters want to keep America from sinking to third world status, and someone who actually makes the township and county central committee members work to build the local networks critical for winning elections.

If we don’t see some improvement in the way the state party functions, we’re withholding our campaign contributions and volunteer time.  The word is already out that we’re doing this and many Dems are calling saying they want to join us.

Claire McCaskill is already sending out donation requests to be part of “Claire’s Crew.”  No thanks.  Not until we see some backbone on the part of our elected Dems.  It’s not enough to say the alternative is worse.  We have to have a reason to shout from the rooftops why we love our candidates.

This is the letter going to Gov. Nixon this week:

November 21, 2010

The Honorable Governor Jay Nixon

Missouri Capitol Building

Room 216

Jefferson, City,Mo.65101

Dear Governor Nixon:

I am sure you are aware that progressive Democrats around the country are regrouping in response to the disappointing results of the recent midterm elections.

Today a core group of active Democrats in St. Louis County met to discuss how to we can make the Missouri Democratic Party more effective.

We concluded that we Democrats have much to be proud of and our values clearly reflect the best interest of the majority of citizens. The Republicans have purposely degraded a lot of what progressives hold dear.

Our Democratic priorities which include equal educational opportunities, a fair tax structure, civil rights, security, protection of the environment, basic health care and decent paying jobs need to be spelled out clearly and persuasively. We need someone to generate talking points that we can all use so our message will sink in and motivate voters to side with us.If false information is generated by the media we need it to be quickly addressed and the true facts given out.

Therefore we’re asking you, our Governor and head of the Missouri Democratic Party, to meet with us to discuss how to improve the effectiveness of the State Party.

We would like to talk to you about hiring a full-time paid Director, a publicist/message developer,and an outreach co-ordinator to reach all of our state’s townships with our democratic objectives.

There is so much that can be done with the internet, with direct mailers, and other media opportunities.

Today we pledged, as a group, that we will not get involved in campaigns for State and National candidates until we meet with you and we feel a more effective party is established. I will be sending a copy of this letter to Craig Hosmer,Clint Zweifel and Chris Koster.. Copies of a similar letter have been sent to Sen.Claire McCaskill, Representative Russ Carnahan and Representative Lacy Clay.

We hope you can find time in your busy schedule when you are in the St. Louis area to meet with us. If you have no trips planned in the near future, we will come to your office.

Thank you for your attention to our serious concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.