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A set of sobering images.

Via Dregs of the Future:

Foreclosures maps

….Select Real Estate -> Foreclosures

Google Maps search feature can show houses in foreclosure or default (missed at least one 1st mortgage payment).

* Go to maps.google.com.

* Click on the “More” box (located on the map itself in the top right of the Google map).

* A pull down menu will appear.  Click on “Real Estate”.

* Now, in the selection box on the left, check “Foreclosure” to select it, and remove the check in “For sale” to unselect it (just click on the check box).

* Now, the map will show foreclosures. Search for any city or zip code in the search box, or zoom in on any area of interest….

So, we thought we’d take a look at Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield.

Foreclosures and defaults in Kansas City.

Foreclosures and defaults in St. Louis.

Foreclosures and defaults in Springfield.

There are a number of clusters across the state.