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   Some of the first indications of the Union leanings toward a total war philosophy occurred in Missouri.  More than 1,000 military engagements took place in Missouri during the Civil War, War of Northern Aggression, and/or War for Southern Independence . Missouri was the scene of the most drastic and repressive military action directed against civilians in U.S. history. A majority of Missouri’s population was of southern origin and sympathy. One of the 13 stars in the Southern Cross honors Missouri. Union forces quickly occupied Missouri before secessionist sentiment could be marshaled in the state legislature. Pro-secessionist Governor Claiborne Jackson and former Governor Sterling Price left to form the Missouri State Guard and join with Confederate  forces in Arkansas. Other southern sympathizers engaged in partisan warfare in Missouri. These Confederate partisans were generally  treated as outlaws by Union officials. This outlaw status and mistreatment of their families and other Missouri civilians by Federal troops spawned the bloody vengeance raids of William Quantrill and William Anderson. The mistreatment of their families is a gross understatement. Women and children were herded as if they were cattle and forced onto trains. In true Socialist Nazi Germany Fashion the Missouri Confederate Soldier’s loved ones were shipped off to unknown destinations, and in most cases, were never seen nor heard from again. Now, I cant speak for anyone but myself, but there is nothing more cowardly in this world than deliberately using noncombatant citizens as a military support strategy. Also, under no circumstances should any army use the tactics of kidnapping women and children and then shipping them away from their homes, never to be seen again, as a way to attack their enemy. The mentality of these soldiers after they learned of the cruel and inhumane actions of their blue coat adversaries must have been pure abomination and malice.  I can only imagine the thoughts of vengeance that would run through these soldiers consciousness. The War of Northern Aggression has copious amounts of chronicled butchery. Therefore after receiving the news that their families had been kidnapped, men like Cole Younger, Bob Younger, Frank, and Jesse James that were enlisted with William Clarke Quantrill’s Raiders, planned and executed a  raid on August 21, 1863,  slaughtering some 200 men and boys at Lawrence, Kansas. Strangely enough, no women were harmed in this raid. This became known as The Lawrence Massacre or Quantrill’s Raid, and history teaches it from the perspective of “the day of slaughter”. “These Confederate Raiders committed crimes against humanity killing 200 men and boys when on August 21, 1863, targeting Lawrence, KS for attack due to the town’s long support of abolition and its reputation as a center for Redlegs and Jayhawkers, which were free-state militia and vigilante groups known for attacking and destroying farms and plantations in Missouri’s pro-slavery western counties.”  What teachers don’t teach and/or explain is why these Confederates did what they did. They fail  to mention their families were kidnapped and freighted off.  This is a mere single example of the extensive gobbledygook produced from the Yankee Myth Maker Machine. Remember always, its the conqueror that writes history or should i say, re-writes history. No southerner should ever feel ashamed that their ancestors picked-up arms to engage the Yankee invader!

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE                                                                                                  


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