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RBH via Twitter:

Dem Minority Leader votes thru history: Pelosi 150/Shuler 43 (10), Pelosi 177/Ford 29 (02), Gephardt 150/Rose 50 (94) #cantwaitfor2018     about 6 hours ago  via web  

At Balloon Juice:

Can We Give Them The Attention They Now Deserve

…There was a closer and more contentious vote for best Halloween costume in the 5 year old division in my hometown a few weeks ago. Can we now please ignore these political incompetents? And could they now start acting like Democrats?

At the Great Orange Satan:

Nancy Pelosi elected House Democratic Leader, 150-43

…Nancy Pelosi was elected House Democratic Leader by the overwhelming margin of 150-43. This is a crushing, more than 3-1 defeat for her Blue Dog challengers. It’s even a bigger margin than Dick Gephardt’s post-1994 victory of 150-58. No matter how much press attention Blue Dogs got with their whining, it didn’t get them many votes…

Because obstructing the Democratic Party agenda and then losing a big chunk of your own “blue dog” caucus entitles you to repeat your disastrous strategery on a larger scale?

As if the opposition has a say:

I endorse Nancy Pelosi for Minority Leader.     12:22 PM Nov 5th  via Mobile Web  

House GOP gives Pelosi’s reelection a standing ovation!     about 6 hours ago  via ÜberTwitter  

Why should Democrats care what the republicans in the House think of Nancy Pelosi?