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Seems like Lt. Governor Peter Kinder has got his dander up because members of the Obama administration think they have better things to do than respond to his publicity stunt suit challenging the Affordable Care Act. I mean, it’s been four whole month already and the defendants named in the suit, Kathleen Sebelius, Eric Holder, Hilda Solis, and Tim Geither, haven’t yet snapped to it. To be fair, federal rules specify that government employees named in a lawsuit respond within 60 days and it has now been more than two months since Kinder amended his suit in the wake of the Proposition C victory.

It’s got the volatile Kinder all worked up and now he’s stamping his figurative feet by filing a “motion to compel” while huffing and puffing in the press about the slight – which he characterizes as a “further expression of contempt and arrogance against the people of our state.” Comtempt for penny-ante opportunists like Kinder more likely.